Instrument Appraisal Form

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In particular:
Peg box cracks
Broken scroll
Broken neck
Splits to table (particularly around bridge area)
Splits to back (particularly to the left of centre joint)
Damage to sides


Please look through left hand sound hole for printed or written label.



Good photographs are important to help us assist you. If you can't upload them, please either email to or send to:

Cremona House Violin Shop
7 Perry Road (Park Row)
Bristol, BS1 5BQ. (UK)

Appraisals will be undertaken to the best of our ability with the information provided. An inspection of the instrument will always be required for insurance purposes or to confirm an opinion. As a result violinvaluations, associates, or employees, cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or information given to us by third parties or otherwise.

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