Richard Bristow Violins at Cremona House

Consultant and Dealer in Fine Stringed Instruments and Bows

Cremona House has been at the forefront of the violin world since it was established in 1879 by George Darbey, one of the most influencial Violin and Bow makers of his day. Since then the shop has gone from strength to strength and as the oldest violin establishment in the UK if not the World, is now the showcase for Richard Bristow’s instruments and bows. It still continues to serve the string community throughout the world with quality repairs and restorations as well as a range of carefully selected less expensive instruments for up and coming students.

About the site

For thirty years I have been working as a dealer and restorer  at Cremona House Violin Shop, also as consultant for insurance companies, probate and auction houses. I offer free online appraisals at www.violinvaluations.com and stock a comprehensive range of good quality vintage instruments and bows at fair and competitive prices. The vast majority of my instruments have been purchased privately, rather than from auctions and often have been simply stored away for many years unused, in good original condition. As a result these haven’t been exposed in auction houses or to dealers.

I buy from private individuals and the antique trade throughout Europe and offer immediate payment.

As a professional dealer and restorer with a hard earned reputation, all my instruments are accurately described and any damage or restorations clearly stated. I have sold thousands of instruments over the past 30 years and if any discrepancy occurs, either with attribution or condition I will refund in full. Customers both  trade and private are welcomed and may visit Cremona House Violin Shop in Bristol by appointment.

Consultant and Dealer in Fine Stringed Instruments and Bows